Forest Toime
C. RTT, C. Hyp , BSc (Hons) Med Phys & Psyc

Do you feel trapped by your own bad eating habits? 

Are you looking to break-free from the behaviours that have been holding you back?

If you are out-of-control with food or your weight, is this stopping you from being your best self? 

How comfortable, at ease and free do you feel in your own body?

Hi, I'm Forest Toime.
I help women permanently break-free from bad eating habits and weight issues without the struggle.

Are you trapped in a negative cycle of bingeing, overeating or eating the wrong foods? When you do diet or start a weight-loss plan, do you find yourself locked in a mental battle and sooner or later, giving in to old patterns of behaviour? 

Are you one of the millions of women who have never sustainably mastered their weight, yet desire to become someone who can easily maintain a trim, fit and healthy body on a permanent basis?

As a highly rated therapist, I dedicate my time to free women to get the best body of their lives without the constant yo-yoing and failed attempts. It's a difficult and common issue, that is often overlooked, which is why I have created my 8-week Body-Love Realisation program to transform your behaviours surrounding eating, weight and treating your body the way it truly deserves to be treated.

If you are looking to break-out of your behavioural habits once and for all following my predictable, success-based Body-Love Realisation program, click the button below to learn the true reason you keep failing and the steps you need to take to become a master of your habits.

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