PSYCHOLOGICAL TRICKS: If you truly want to stop bingeing and overeating, you need to do the reverse of what dieters are telling you to do.
Written by Forest Toime. Jan 2019.
Cutting calories simply doesn’t lead to long-term weight loss or health gains. Scientific evidence backs this, yet the basic math of ‘eating fewer calories than you expend’ is still such an upheld principle in the weight-loss game. It’s the go-to that most dieters fall to...
Is weight loss hypnosis effective? 3 reasons why tackling your mind to change your body is relevant.
Written by Forest Toime. 2019.
It’s a common conundrum. Your brain is the command centre for your actions, yet when you set your mind on a goal, such as the all too common “I need to lose weight” it may quickly become apparent to you that it isn’t so easy to simply act in a way that...
Weight Loss Hypnotherapy getting Melbourne in Shape & Feeling Great
Written by Forest Toime. 2019.
Weight Loss Hypnosis is Helping Melbourne Get Healthy and In Shape

Forest Toime at VCPS (Victorian Counselling & Psychological Services) in East Melbourne resolves diet, weight and exercise issues by going straight to her client's root causes.