About Forest Toime
Forest Toime is an RTT & Hypnotherapy practitioner based in Melbourne, Australia who was taught and trained in Los Angeles by one of the world's most acclaimed therapists, Marisa Peer. She started as a generalist therapist (forestt.com.au), being ranked as one of Melbourne's Top 25 Most Popular health & fitness service providers. 

She is an eating, weight and body-issue consultant who helps women become rapidly empowered over food and their bodies without the years of struggle or constant mental battle. 

Forest's clients testify significant, fast results and she has helped them gain back the power over their behaviours to align with their goals of being free of self-defeating & destructive habits. 

She has been able to demonstrate consistently successful results for a broad range of clientele that not only includes world-class athletes, entrepreneurs and celebrities, but also people that experience significant and complex deep-rooted issues.
BSc (Hons) Medical Physiology & Psychology, C. Hyp, C. RTT
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